Why Join Wayland Personal Physicians?

In our concierge medicine practice, we offer a membership-based model of care, which enables us to offer certain benefits that would not be possible in a larger, non-concierge practice. Limiting our practice size gives us time to get to know you, personally care for you, and communicate with you. It also allows us to offer you additional benefits, such as 90-minute annual physical exams, longer follow-up appointment times, more same and next-day appointments for urgent visits, direct communication with your physician and communication with your physician outside of regular business office hours.

Benefits of Wayland Personal Physicians Membership

As a member of Wayland Personal Physicians, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Routine annual wellness examination and physical, including a comprehensive screening and assessment appropriate for your age and risk factors.
  • Office wellness visits and consultation relating to prevention and self-management of illness, education, and training.
  • Direct telephone and email communication, and telemedicine videoconferencing related to health, diet, nutrition, and fitness education.
  • Access to your health records through our athenahealth patient portal.
  • Periodic practice newsletter.
  • International travel medical support via electronic communication.
  • Periodic, non-diagnostic, audiometry (hearing) screening.
  • Body composition testing and analysis.
  • Coordination of care with specialists and hospitalists.
  • Security of knowing which other doctor will be available when your personal physician is away.

In addition, our practice offers:

  • Ability to reach your physician for urgent needs 24/7.
  • Extended visits for physicals, wellness, and sick visits.
  • Small group educational sessions.