A Concierge Medicine Practice Serving Wayland & Metro West Communities

Our internal medicine practice offers a membership-based model of care, which enables us to spend more time with our patients, provide more personalized care, and offer more same day appointments.

A Concierge Medicine Practice Serving Wayland & Metro West Communities

WPP Internal Medicine


Comprehensive exams, screenings, and health assessments help us ensure your health and wellness.


Ability to reach your physician in a timely manner helps us make the right diagnosis quickly.


Regular visits and communication with your physician help us manage and stay on top of your conditions.

Health Coaching

Addressing lifestyle factors such as diet, nutrition, sleep, and stress help us ensure your wellbeing.

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About Our Practice

At Wayland Personal Physicians, our concierge medicine doctors believe in spending time with you, providing you with personalized and coordinated care, communicating directly with you, and developing an individualized wellness plan for you.

If you are looking for a practice that places the doctor-patient relationship at the center of medical care, we invite you to explore our membership.

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About Our Practice

Medical Excellence. Individualized Care.
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